I wouldn’t kill to get you back- and I’ve officially been asked. I couldn’t kill to save a life. I’d rather a die a peaceful piece of shit-bait shame-filled coward, thanks.

I’m not the killing type, I’m not the killing type, I’m not, I’m not. I’m not the killing type, I’m not.

But I would kill to make you feel. I don’t mean kill someone for real. I couldn’t do that- it is wrong. But I can say it in a song.

Amanda Palmer

Eyal: I remember reading that any technology, sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
Calixto: Indeed. And so does it follow that any magic, sufficiently understood, is indistinguishable from technology?

I stole that.

From “Girl Genius.” Strip can be seen here, comic can be started here.

Eyal: ::slight smile:: I think it might still be magic if most people can’t do it.
Calixto: ::tch:: There are many things most people can’t do.

Will Smith: Can a robot write a symphony? Can a robot turn a… canvas into a beautiful masterpiece?
Robot: Can you?
- pathetic movie adaptation of “I, Robot.”

I want this on record!

I didn’t pick Amaranth’s job when the questions about the kit arose.

…I picked it right about when Amaranth came onscreen, as a justification for whichever Lifetime Wish I gave her Sim, which was an animal-related Pet The Dog thing.

….and there’s also this guy on reddit. Unidan. Who works at a capture/release place a lot, but also likes to answer general biology questions and after I started fangirling him for that, he started talking about how he’s doing stuff with corvids (such as ravens and crows) which you could say have caught my interest (tool usage! The thing about nuts and crosswalks! their recognition of people, and the grudges they hold!)


Just wanted that on record.

I didn’t make her job for the kit. I made her job for … all of that.

On the relevance of Fuzzybun.

Calixto: Focusing upon an element of a dream can make it more likely to occur. Or, perhaps, Fuzzybun was genuinely the manifestation of a spirit-like being who had taken a liking to me. It’s entirely possible.

That isn’t just possible, that’s happening. To Amaranth. That’s where her Sight comes from. I’m still working out a better name than “spirit” and the story behind the spirit latching onto her.

Which began with me wondering about, then coming up with my own logic for, Denna gaining the power of prophecy from (IIRC) Azura. (Because like hell am I doing Cordy’s granted-by-the-Powers thing.) There’s also some Primordial Dream influence.

For Amaranth: A “symbiotic” entity who needs her and offers visions in return. Scarequotes because there are a few things I know about it: It didn’t ask before it latched on to her. It couldn’t, because it’s not sapient.

It doesn’t understand that it causes her pain.

(Random.org says that Fuzzybun wasn’t a spirit. Cal really did have an imaginary bunny friend.)


Sudden character development and fun ensues.

This isn’t just the more obvious things. Sometimes (often) when I typo or use the wrong word, I don’t correct it- I just run with it.


Sudden character development and fun ensues.

This isn’t just the more obvious things. Sometimes (often) when I typo or use the wrong word, I don’t correct it- I just run with it.
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River not knowing what’s normal and what isn’t was in the back of my mind. I was reading Gunnerkrigg Court.

This page about a fairy who’d recently turned human and enrolled in a school cracked me up.

So did this page about her reaction to haircuts.

In Cal and Zach’s universe, the following happened:

The Very Potter Musical, Very Potter Sequel, and Very Potter Senior year fanmade musicals were bought by whoever owns Harry Potter, Everyone involved with making the Very Potter stuff got insanely rich (because they’re totally awesome), and eventually the plays were adapted into a movie trilogy and a trio of Broadway shows.

That happened so that they’ll be in the the public’s consciousness when Cal and Zach can run into them.

Because Cal has totally sung this song to Zach.

Thing I’m doing.

For a while I’ve had an idle daydream about the various interdimensionally traveling Calixtos having something of a community between them. Then I got a few more ideas about that.

Then I got completely stuck/discouraged with the fics I’m trying to write and the details I’m trying to come up with for Shevarn, and ideas are popping in my head all over the place about the Calixtos, so I started poking at that.

Annnd now I have three factions, a Council, two holidays, and a mini-war. It’s completely unfinished, I kinda doubt it’ll be relevant, but it amuses me.